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Name is Christie (also known as moonblader online). 25 years old. Born in NY. Currently living in Sydney, Australia. 3D & 2D Artist, Cosplayer, Photographer, Violinist, part time Gamer & Mediajunkie :)

My cosplay page :)

By golly, do I love my fandoms 8"D
Marvel:*makes Avengers*
Marvel:*makes Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America sagas*
Marvel:*makes Agents of Shield*
Marvel:*makes Guardians of the Galaxy*
Marvel:*makes Black Widow movie*
DC:hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... MORE BATMAN.
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เบลไร แ่ม มุ้งมิ้ง O)—(

um hi. what is this deliciousness.

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i will cosplay pretty ladies and i will cosplay scary men. i will cosplay scary ladies and i will cosplay pretty men. i will cosplay what i want and i will look fabulous.

My life

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Iron Giant Ready to Rock by wagadog

The costume was made to be at a nighttime party outdoors - so that all the black I was wearing would disappear into the background.

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Favourite cosplayers of the day.


Favourite cosplayers of the day.

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"You know who I am."

You fucker.

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I’m so sorry if the boyfriend material joke’s already been made I just fell in love with a vampire alien sailor uniform bye


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